House and Commercial

We clear houses, offices, garages, gardens, commercial and industrial units to vacant possession on a per load basis. We can collect single or multiple items at a call out charge by mileage from our yard.

We have a policy of re-homing and re-using as much as is possible from each collection. All other materials are recycled, even down to clothing, bedding etc.

We clear office equipment, computers, furniture at the same per load basis. Commercial vacant possession can also include carpet and window dressing collection. Please note that computers are NOT a metal collection as there is too high a plastic and glass content.

We can prepare or clean a property for renovation or re-use after clearing out at a POA basis. This extends to outside buildings, units, sites, gardens, garages etc.

House and Commercial

Metal bins are 8 feet wide, 20 feet long and between 5 and 8 feet tall. The 5 foot high bins are ideal for hand loading and the 8 foot high bins are ideally suited for machine loading.

We charge £500 per load (12yd cage) and £250 per half-load (6yd cage) within a 25 mile radius of Newbury.
Surcharges apply beyond this.

We are totally confidential with all out clients at all times.

A lot of furniture and household items that we handle have no real commercial value. These items we re-home, at no charge, to people in need or a low income budget, because re-use is important and we care.We work with local charity shops, second hand shops as well as larger recycling firms.


We clear metals on a collection basis [per load] or can supply a skip at ninety pounds for delivery and removal, or alternatively we can supply a roll-on-roll-off bin at one hundred pounds.

The bins are perfectly suited for farm, site, commercial and industrial clearances and can be delivered at 72 hours notice. This is the same for skips, but both have specific rules as to what can go in them.

Any ferrous metals can be put into skips / bins, excluding cylinders of any description [gas bottles, fire extinguishers etc]. We have a charge of £25 a cylinder to recycle safely and £6 per tyre removed.

We have a fixed price of £80 per fridge / freezer to clear.

Newbury Reclaim Costs

Cost are priced per load
[up to 1 ton or 300 cu. ft] trailer / pick up
Furniture, bric-a-brac and other controlled waste collected and removed for recycling.
Full-Load (12yd cage) £ 500.00
Half-Load (6yd cage) £ 250.00
Builders General Waste (1 tonne) £ 500.00
General Wood Waste £ 300.00
Green Waste £ 300.00
Dumpy bag (up to 50kg) £ 15.00 / bag
Special waste exceptions
Batteries P.O.A.
Vehicle tyres £ 6.00
Cylinders [gas bottles, extinguishers etc] £ 25.00
Fridges / Freezers £ 80.00

Scrap Prices

Please phone us for todays pricing : 0779 957 7456

Copper (Cu98) £ 5.00 / Kg
Brazery £ 4.00 / Kg
Brass £ 3.00 / Kg
Lead £ 1.10 / Kg
Stainless Steel £ 0.80 / Kg

Clearances of any property with needle use, human faeces or other health risks are at double rates.
This is a common situation in a vacant possession clearance and we are set-up to deal with this in total confidence.